Important Water Resources

Important water resources

On earth, where there is water, there is life. All life activities are derived from water. The water in the human body accounts for about 65% of the body weight. Among them, the brain contains 75% water, 83% blood water, 76% muscle water, and 22% water in hard bones! Without water, the nutrients in the food can not be absorbed, the waste can not be excreted, the drug can not reach the function. Part.

Once the body is short of water, the consequences are very serious. 1%-2% lack of water, feel thirsty; 5% lack of water, dry mouth, wrinkled skin, unconsciousness, and even illusion; 15% lack of water, heartbeat, amnesia, consciousness disappears. 20% of water shortage fainted, like death. Often more than hunger, no food, people can only live for 3 weeks, if there is no water, at most can live for 3 days.
Plants contain a large amount of water, accounting for about 80% of body weight, vegetables contain 90%-95% water, and aquatic plants contain more than 98% water. Water transports nutrients to plants; water keeps plants and leaves in a graceful form;
Water participates in photosynthesis to produce organic matter; the evaporation of water keeps plants at a stable temperature without being burned by the sun. Plants are not only covered with water, but the crops consume water throughout their lives. One kilogram of corn is watered with 368 kilograms of water; similarly, wheat is 513 kilograms of water, cotton is 648 kilograms of water, and rice is as high as 1,000 kilograms of water.

Our life is inseparable from water


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